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  • The "Intangible Heritage New Fashion" Design Works by CFD Students Appeared in Cracow Fashion Week, Poland


    On March 26, the works by students directed by Professor Chen Bin from the College of Fashion and Design of Donghua University were unveiled at the 2022 Cracow Fashion Week in Poland. Crakow, Poland is a cultural city with a rich history, also a fashion capital known as the "New Bohemian Trend Center". The Cracow Fashion Week in March was founded in 2010. As a fashionable and creative design event, it features various activities such as the fashion competitions of emerging designers, fashion photography exhibitions, creative jewelry design shows, and reconstructing fashion shows, etc., thus attracting apparel professionals, media and fashion lovers from all over the world.

    Due to the epidemic situation this year, Professor Chen Bin and designers and stylists from the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and other countries jointly served as the online judges of this emerging fashion designer competition. The works selected this time are the teaching achievements of "Chongming Native Cloth and Shanghai Fashion" in the course "Intangible Heritage Research and Social Practice", which is Shanghai’s municipal first-class and key course. Among them, five series, including Wu Yanqi's "The Eternity of Chongming", Cai Keyi's "The Faded", Liu Li's "Melting", Jin Hejie's "Glory Step by Step" and Liu Yining's "Embracing Spring", participated in the special performance of the Fashion Week as outstanding works, and were unanimously praised by the guests.

    Since the launch of the course "Intangible Heritage Research and Social Practice" in 2019, Professor Chen Bin and the teaching team have trained more than 200 students and 17 teams to design and practice on intangible cultural heritage. The course, with "aesthetic education" at the core and practical education as the starting point, creates a characteristic teaching mode of "intangible cultural heritage + design" to deepen students' understanding and identification of traditional culture.Through the deconstruction, reorganization and redesign of intangible cultural heritage elements, students are trained to form "aesthetics" and "design mindset" with Chinese characteristics and gain more cultural self-confidence. And at this fashion week, the emerging designers from Donghua have appeared on the international fashion arena with more confidence, gained a broad international vision and recognition from the international fashion industry, and also displayed to the world China’s traditional culture.

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