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  • 2022 Online Joint Seminar “Japanese Language and Culture Studies” Held


    On March 27th, the 8th Joint Seminar on “Japanese Language and Culture Studies” was held online, jointly organized by the College of Foreign Languages of DHU, the Graduate School of Humanities of Nagoya University and the School of Japanese Studies of Shanghai International Studies University. More than 80 experts, scholars and graduate students from China and Japan participated in the seminar.

    The opening ceremony was hosted by Professor Mao Wenwei of the School of Japanese Studies, SISU. Zhao Xiaolin, Dean of the College of Foreign Languages, DHU, Gao Jie, Dean of the School of Japanese Studies, SISU and Professor Sugimura Yasushi of the Graduate School of Humanities, Nagoya University, delivered the opening speeches. The seminar presented in Japanese had two sessions: literature, culture and thought, and language and language teaching, covering topics of Chinese and Japanese literature, history of Chinese and Japanese thoughts, linguistics, translation, and Chinese and Japanese language teaching, etc. The closing ceremony was hosted by Associate Professor Wang Lei from the Japanese Department, College of Foreign Languages, DHU. Professor Sugimura Yasushi made the concluding speech.

    It was the eighth joint seminar held by the three universities, promoting the internationalization and high-level development of academic research and exchange.

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